Hug Holding ApS

Hug Holding ApS is the company currently owned and managed på Kenneth Hug.

Hug ApS is owned and managed by Hug Holding ApS.

Hug ApS is today to companies in one, in time we will split it into 2.

Hug ApS works with support and sales of computers in the company name Syddansk IT, which has been a private owned company for a few years now.
We decided to change it into and ApS and at the same time expand with some online sales.

Hug ApS has an online store as well, here we will sell accessories for men.
This will be ties, vests, belts, cufflinks, shirts, boxer short and socks for men.

We are always looking for new challenges, so if you have a good idea, which we should invest in, let us know.

You are of course also very welcome to write to us, if you think one of our companies can help you with some work.